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Bmw x5 3.0d auto, tv gone.....

Hi guys,

Recently bought this e53 2005 x5 came with sat nav with tv upgrade, worked for first day then started having issues. Initially the radio would work for a few miles then sound would cut out. I seen threads on here regarding pulling fuses 7,72,73. Each time 7 was replaced the radio would work for a further 24 hrs or so. Decided to pull out the boot floor panel exposing battery etc i then delved deeper and found water under the battery. I removed the battery and the black cover which was also submerged. I have dried it all out and dried individual amps, pdc boxes and abs pieces. Turned everything bk on radio seems to be working fine which time will tell if its still intermittent.

The is no option on the satnav for television now. Any ideas? Has something shorted or burnt out? Where is the tv module located? Seems to be a lot of chat about intermittent radios but not really much on tv failure....

Any ideas would be a benefit. I have warranty with this car but if its simple ish ill do it myself.


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