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Originally Posted by Keyser Soze View Post
My first BMW was a 1966 1600 I had back in the 1980' was a glorious 4 speed.......and I've also driven nothing but manual BMW's since Sept 2000 when I picked up my first shiny new 330Ci from Santa Barbara..............that being said, I think the F10 is way too big for a manual, the car is way too quiet (obviously an exhaust would help), the 1st gear is way too short, you get worse acceleration from a stop and to top it off you get worse mileage. I get around 20 mpg. I almost wish I could just start in 2nd gear as 1st you are only in for a split second and wasting time. Also keep in mind your right hand will constantly be fiddling around in that iDrive controller while driving and around stoplights/etc as well.

The new automatics are faster, better and more efficient now and there is no penalty in having one. This was marginally debatable with the E60 but there is absolutely no question about it now.

Now, if you are worried about Long Term ownership costs of a complicated automatic transmission, that is one thing, but if you think the manual is going to provide a "sports car" experience in a car this large, it won't. I am not trying to dissaude anyone from going for an MT, in what will be without question our last chance at getting a 5 series MT, just putting out some observations from someone who has driven nothing but MT BMW's.

This is my opinion, obviously, but I suggest you test drive new F10 with automatic first, then somehow a MT (find a newer 335 with the same transmission and pretend you are hauling 1,000 lbs in the trunk) before you jump.
I have to disagree. I did not get a 6 speed in my 550i "to provide a sports car experience". I came from a 2011 e92 M3 with DCT, and while I loved that car, it was just not a great daily driver when it came to extracting power and taking advantage of its handling ability. I don't think people that get the F10 with a 6 speed are trying to make it more of a sports car...they just like rowing gears (all of my cars were manuals before my M3 with DCT). Now if they offered DCT in the 550i, then I probably would have gone that route...but I just don't do matter how far they have come.

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