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Originally Posted by d05wtt View Post
@Capobranco Thanks for the good intel. I'm about to place an order for a X3 just like yours with all the same options. I'm having a little trouble deciding on the colors though. Right now, it's between the Carbon Black and Titanium Silver, both with Oyster interior. Currently, I have a 2006 X3 M Sport Package with the Titanium Silver and gray interior. I know how well the Silver lasts over the past 7 years. It still looks brand new. It's easier to maintain and doesn't look so dirty as dark colored cars usually do. However, I love the Carbon Black color. Can you post some pics to help convince me to switch to the Carbon Black? Btw, I also have a (95lb.) GSD and also live in the DC metro area and also bought my last BMW (2009 335xi) at Passport.
Pics - I do not expect delivery until February - of course, when I take delivery I will post pics. Silver is hard to beat in terms of not showing dirt. My Silverstone M3 looks good even when it is not pristine. I know the Carbon Black will require more maintenance but a Carbon Black X3 M Sport should nicely complement my Silverstone M3 in the garage. Generally, I like the contrast between the Oyster and the dark exterior.

Hmmm....both you and dogguyx3 are getting X3 M Sports - possibly in Carbon Black w/oyster - all of us have 95 lb GSDs - live in MD - shop or will shop Passport - have or have had a 335i - I do like your style! - sounds like we could have the makings of a cult.

Welcome to the 'Fest!

Originally Posted by valeram View Post
Was on the same boat last year. The bottom line: get an X5 35i which is cheaper than an X3 35i M-sport. Short story, been driving the 2013 X3 since July of last year. My friends were impressed with the driving capability of the X3. The phrase that most of them mentioned, "this SUV is insane". It drives like a BMW sedan.
Thanks for the affirming remarks - I am going with M Sport - yeah - I know it is mostly aesthetics but I like the M inspired seats and other details - makes an emotional connection for me.
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