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Originally Posted by DFEL750I View Post
Unfortunately it is too cold right now to build the car. The guy that is doing most of the work does it out of his mothers house in the driveway. He can only work when its not freezing outside. Painting outside in the winter is also bad because the overspray gets on the snow and leaves evidence behind (Dont think we are allowed to spray a car in a driveway, especially not a government housing driveway, so we dont want to leave evidence behind)
Hmmm, Canada must have some high class government housing with paved driveways and all. Ours are either dirt or gravel; anyone with a little heart could rake it over to hide the overspray. Only way the paint could be detected would be with a black light.

If you're going to paint the color to match the fine outfit I submitted I would suggest pulling the car into the yard. The Gecko Green paint should blend nicely with the turf. Go ahead and swap the wheels out before you begin painting as we know they have to be color matched to the car. Then you can set your four OEM 20's in a rhombus surrounding the car. Douse them in kerosene and set them ablaze. The putrid, burning rubber should provide enough heat for your man to do his thing.

Originally Posted by DFEL750I View Post
That look you proposed would go very well with my new flashy car. The ONLY problem I see is that I might have to lose atleast 60lbs of muscle to pull it off. I know your man servant was quite muscular before you took him under your care and now he is as frail as could be, with just enough strength to do his chores. How did you manage to get him that way? Maybe you can share his diet with me so I too can lose the necessary weight to pull of this look.
Glad you ask, and I agree, you are too damn strong. I felt threatened by my new manservant and required that he lose 125lbs so that I would have complete dominance over him. The diet is simple; nothing but damp cedar chips (the kind used for hamster bedding) for three months straight. I filled an old bottle of 409 with water and misted them down before each meal. I found that five even sprays provides just enough water to stay alive.

You're a big guy. I've seen the pictures. You may want to cut the water out of the diet if you want to be all fancy by the summer.

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