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Hi Upallnight,

The Aux fan just comes on and goes off within a short while. It doesn't stay running eventhough the A/C button is ON.

The pipe that comes from the radiator is just warm and the pipe that goes from the compressor to the interior is hot (might be coz its next to the engine).

Unfortunatly I don't have good understanding of how these systems work, so I never asked the mechanic specifically about the high and low side of the pressure. All that he said was the refridgerant is adequate and has enough pressure. I live in Australia and its summer here. So I guess the day when he was checking, it would have been around 30C. One thing what I noticed is the air temp what it blows depends on the outside temp. In the morning since its cool (20 - 25C), it blows cool air and during early evenings when the outside temp is at its max, it blows hot air into the cabin. The other thing that comes to my mind is the part at the very front of the compressor doesn't rotate when the belt rotates the pully on the compressor(not sure whether its supposed to be rotating).
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