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Your gonna get a good lashing for your story, but I will agree. Might be filled with technonlogy, but its poorly executed and built cheap for weight savings. Kinda like the Apple of automobiles..... Its ours and you cant modify it ( I will use the radio being the gateway for vehicle functions as an example). Windshield weatherstrip that dry rots after 2 years, rear window regulators that break waaaaay easy, lifter tick bla bla bla. These are basic automotive parts that should not be an issue early on with an "advanced engineered car". Defend it all you want, it is what it is.

I have one because I enjoy the driving experience it offers. I work in Germany a couple months every year and get to drive the autobahn daily. Got me hooked on day one. Now I cant drive that fast here of course, but still enjoy the handling euro cars offer. The price of that experience is $1000 headlights, $400 window regulators, battery registration....
OP, your right, but still love my 330i.

PS. People had issues with a BMW in southern Cali? I fly into Burbank and sitting at the dropoff looking at cars seemed like 80% were BMW is some shape or form. That is a lot of middle fingers flying around!!!!

Sorry to piggyback your observatons, wanted you to have a supporter.
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