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I feel your pain, I have always owned Toyotas, then 5 years ago bought a Triumph TR6, because my cousin let me drive his, and it was fun, so I got one, also because I could work on the car myself, repainted it, rewired it, rebuilt the engine too. its also a convertible and not too many on the road so I always get noticed. I always like BMW;s mainly the older ones. then my brother in law showed up with a volvo hard top convertible and since I like convertibles I started looking for a hard top convertible and ended up zeroing in on the 335I Hard top convertible, I was always under the impression that BMW made really great, dependable cars. So I found a 2007, checked it out and purchased it thru car max last November. No issues yet, but I got to tell you If I would have signed up for this forum before I bought the car and read all the issues and expensive repairs that some have gone thru, I probably would not have purchased the BMW. So far I have felt lucky that I have had no issues but then I only drive the car on the weekend and only have had it for 3 months. The triumph is now a start up cruse around the block, early morning drives, summer kind of car plus my insurance wont let me drive it but 3500 miles a year and I cannot use it as a daily driver either, so thats why I got the BMW plus I wont have to ever replace a soft top on it. Well thats my story, at least I can sell the BMW and get most of my money out of it, the triumph is another story, I dont want to add up the receipts that I have spent on the triumph got to be in the 50K range over 5 years

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