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Originally Posted by AnotherGeezer View Post
It will probably be a lot more than the tensioners, both commonly replaced items during a cooling system overhaul.

Other parts include fan and fan clutch, all hoses, thermostat, water pump, temp sensors, etc.

And that's just the cooling system. Suspension parts are the next most replaced maintenance item for the E39.

Then you have chain guides, valley pan gasket, OFH, power steering pump and filter housing.

I'd estimate you'll be into the car for twice the purchase price before you have a true, worry-free runner. I've got over 22k into mine including the 10k purchase price.
You know my advantage is that I'm in a parts business I have a lot of E39 parts they sitting there I can always swap the easy things my only concern is internal engine parts which are going to cost me a lot of labor. I am mechanicly inclined I own a shop where we part out bmws but I won't try and mess with the tensioners I will also need to set it on timing.

Here are the list of things I've done my self so far.

1.spark plugs and coils.
2.Fan clutch and blade.
3.Valve cover gasket.
4.Replaced the boot that goes to the throttle body.
I also replaced the air box intake into a cold air intake I kinda feel like putting back the original but the noise that one makes is so cool growls when I give it gas.
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