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Originally Posted by DSXMachina View Post
The "Beeemer thing"?
Originally Posted by bear-avhistory View Post
What's a Beeemer?
"Beeemer" is what people who don't own 'em think it's cool to call them. Kind of like people who have never been within 10 feet of a Porsche who constantly refer to them as a "Porsh".

It is annoying as hell, but a futile battle to attempt to correct.

To OP: My dad had multiple experiences in a '95 540i (bought new) such as you describe. He has numerous times queried me about getting the same type of reactions from other drivers and honestly, maybe it's just a difference of location, but where I live, the 3 series cabrio isn't particularly annoying to other drivers. Every once in a while I'll get somebody who baits me a little but when I don't bite it's a non-event. Sorry to hear your E91 has been such trouble. At almost 25K my '09 328i has had a few minor (and I mean really minor in the scheme of things) issues related to the retractable top. Other than that the engine, drivetrain, and standard electrics such as windows and door locks have been rock solid. It eats batteries like their going out of style, but part of that is my fault, so I'm not going to completely blame BMW, just needed to learn what to do and not do.
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