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Originally Posted by powerharp View Post
... I immediately noticed that other drivers would speed up to prevent me from merging onto the freeway or to change lanes. I would be shown drivers'middle fingers when passing or honked at when stopped to parallel park.
Just the other day I was trying to change lanes and almost got run off the road by a beat up old van that sped up and wouldn't let me change lanes, and I could see the driver cursing at me for even daring to make an attempt to get in his lane. Then today, I got cut off by a Toyota SUV that had been sitting behind me for a while when he finally decided to not only flash his brights at me, but proceeded to go around me and cut me off without signaling. Mind you, I was abiding by all traffic laws, so I'm not sure what the deal was. Bad luck, or just the nature of the beast when driving a BMW amongst non-BMW friendly drivers? I don't know... but I feel your pain.

Sorry about all of your maintenance issues, I wish you better luck in the future.

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