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Overall, I am very happy with my XDrive 28i. My only option is Mineral Grey. The size has turned out to be perfect for my needs.

Things I don't like:
1. Auto Start Stop. The car noticeably jerks when it restarts. If the wippers are on and it restarts, they will stop for a second or so while it starts.
2. Throttle lag. This is becoming less of an issue. I noticed it for a 2 week period and I think it's getting better.
3. Cup holder locations. Not the one you are thinking of. I don't like the one near the arm rest. It's hard to get to because my seat is more forward then most so I need to reach back to get it. I end up using the passenger cup holder. Cup holders was one thing Homer got right on his car.
4. Intermittent wipers. This is more of me issue. I need to read the manual on how to do this, but shouldn't it be intuitive?
5. My A/C doesn't seem to be as freezing cold as I like it on hot days.
6. So minor, but the open trunk button on my remote isn't ideal. I would like the trunk to kind of "jump" up, instead it is hard to tell if it worked.
7. Manual shifting is counter intuitive. Am I nuts? I went into manual and down shifted to a lower gear for a hill, but moving the shifter towards me actually goes to a higher gear. Is this normal? Did they mess up my car?

Things I like:
1. The perfect size for ski trips and bike trips.
2. The USB connection to listen to music. On one USB drive I can easily listen and navigate through 100s of songs organized by genre, folder, artist, etc.
3. Handeling. It just drives great.
4. Looks.
5. Middle seat folds down to get skis in and still seats 2 in the back.
6. Getting good fuel efficiency compared to previous truck.
7. Great acceleration when on highway.
8. Simplicity of radio air/heat controls.
9. HD radio.
10. When I press the phone icon on the steering wheel, it calls my wife. No idea how/why it does that, but it's perfect since that covers 95% of my phone use cases.
11. Ability to move back seats up to 90 degrees when more room in trunk is needed.
12. Inside looks.
13. Driver's position in car.
14. Good visibility.
15. Good information display of gas mileage.
16. Just so much fun to drive.
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