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I'm experiencing similar issues with the car both pulling and drifting both left and right most noticible at higher speeds. There is definitely tramlining going on with the grooved highways out here but it's much more than that. The pulling tends to be pronounced when I'm off the gas and the car tends to pull fairly sharply right or left when it tramlines or hits some other road feature adn their is a sharp pulling on the steering wheel. I've been thinking lately that it "feels" similar (not is similar) to tourqe steer in that I have to really hold the wheel or it will turn the steering wheel but it can be left or right. Sometimes it goes fairly straight, but othertimes it just seems to go left or right without any steering input or pulling on the steering wheel. It doesn't track very consistently at all. The dealer didn't find any issues when I brought it in for not tracking straight. I'm at 20,000 mi and my tires are are almost worn out, plus the front drivers side tire is bald on the very outside edge so I would imagine new tires and alignment will help but this is very frustrasting. I've had the car in several times over it's lifetime due to consistenct pulling to the right and unablanced steering feel biased toward the right. They finaly ended replacing the front passenger side spindle which fixed the issue at about 8,000 mi. I brought it in recently to ask about the tire wear and they said they would do an alignment when I got new tires (from them).

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bdaj, I am feeling your pain. My 35 is just now a year old with 12,xxx miles. in the last couple of thousand, it seems to have gained a mind of its own in the steering department. it reacts very strangely when crossing seams on the highway, almost as if the tires want to stick to the seam and stay with it. i feel as if there are more lateral forces managing the car's direction than going forward in a straight line. its as if the steering wheel is not in control of the car's direction. very disconcerting, not at all fun to drive, tiring, embarrassing as i feel i am all over the road and someone should call a dwi unit! i took it to the dealer and test drove with the shop foreman. he noticed something was awry and suggested a 4 wheel alignment and a cross-rotation of the tires. on my dime by the way as it is not a covered item under the warranty. the alignment read out showed some things "red" which means they were out of spec, but did not show to what degree. but i went along with the recommended program. no change. i am going in for my annual oil change and will not accept the car back if this is not corrected. it is so disturbing that i am considering another brand. We have four BMW's in the family and i am extremely familiar with them. the '08 X-3 3.0si drives as if it is guided by lasers. its almost a sports car with its spot on handling, brakes, and steering. the new X-3 could be the same if they got this electric steering right. i have Pirelli Cinturato tires. all my other cars run Michelins. if i put the car in sport driving mode, it feels better, but its still not the way i think a BMW should handle. Crosswinds affect the steering as well as rough roads and longitudinal seams. This is very disturbing. my suspicion is its software, or control arm bushings, or possibly tires. my fear is that its the new electric power steering and this is just the way it is. more on this from after Monday or Tuesday when i hear back from the dealer. the new loaner X-3 2.8 is much better, but still has some of that sideways front end tendencies. lots of up and down on the front fenders noticable as you drive. thinking of trading to the new four cylinder but definitely not without a fix on this. otherwise i love the car. First Post!!

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