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Originally Posted by powerharp View Post
I've never bought a car because of image or status, but rather for its quality, durability, comfort, drive-ability, economics...... why I've owned two Peugeots and an Alfa, Mazda CX-7
Sorry, not buying (or leasing this thread).
You have owned BMW, Peugeot, Alfa, and Mazda. With the possible exception of the CX-7, none of these cars are really about economics (peugeot may have been cheap to buy, but terrible car to maintain). Also, BMW is known for many things..including the need to be repaired expensively.

As for "Beemer" baby "Beeemer" is awesome. Love her. My next one will be leased (nothing wrong with that).
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I agree with furby
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Hahahaha, I like you furb, you like to live dangerously.
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I started to google to find a picture to match furby's suggestion to Gia, but it quickly became clear it was an inappropriate search to conduct at work.
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