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Talking response

To Clarify,

The m5 was 15g's with 65k (2001). My 1997 540i sport 6 spd with 73k was $3200, shipped cross country, just under $4000 all in.

My point was for $4000 what kind of M5 could I buy? It would have 150-200k miles and need work.

So the mileage would be more than doubled. And even though a M5 would be my first choice, paying 3 times more did not make sense. I feel my car is a better value.

As for flipping the car, I have no intention of doing so, but given the current economic climate, it is nice to know if the need arose, I would not be buried in the car and be forced to take a loss.

Another reason I went this route, I was considering swapping out my motor and automatic transmission on my 1995 e 34 with 117k. What do you think it would have cost to just switch to a stick? Or go all the way and install a m5 motor and transmission?

A few grand at least ????

Even though I could recoup some of the expense by selling my 2.5 motor and automatic, for a little more money I have 2 cars !!!!!!

I paid $6500 for my 1995 525i with 85k eight years ago. Due to an expanding family I had it in storage for 5 years. Finally came out of that coma and saw the light !!!! Jump started it right up on the FIRST try !!! Changed the oil, gassed it up and off I went.

The point, I have kept it in Excellent condition, its never seen snow and have refused unsolicited offers of $5 grand for the car.

I like to enjoy my cars at the right price.

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