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Originally Posted by krash View Post
Off a cliff? That's a litte over dramatic...

I got to admit that I didn't like RFTs at first either, but all it takes is one incident, and you'll be a fan for life.

They work as advertised.
At risk of making this "yet another runflat thread", I guess I have been lucky with respect to tire leaks/blowouts. Almost all of mine have been slow leaks that I have been able to get fixed.

But I had runflats on my 2006 e90 for the first 3 years before I switched to regular tires. During that time period I had 4 bent wheels and a sidewall bubble on my summer set and 1 bent wheel on my winter set. (225/45R17 and 205/55R16 profile tires respectively). In the 3 years since on regular tires I haven't had any. And just for reference one of our other cars during that time period had non RFT 245/40R19 tires and was driven over the same roads and it only had one bent wheel.

One thing the ATS may have going for it is that GM is an American company that tests their cars at least in part on the poorly maintained streets of Detroit. Perhaps that means that the ATS have won't have the same RFT complaints as we have seen here. In my brief time behind the wheel of the ATS, it did seem more "muted" over bumps. Pothole explosions weren't as big of a nuisance. Not sure if they have worked out a suspension/wheel setup that handles RFT better or if they are just using better tires. OTOH GM has been using RFT for a while on the Corvette and the Corvette forums see the same complaints about RFT that you see here. I guess time will tell.

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