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2013 X1 Brake issue (X Drive 35i)

I was driving on the highway last week in some heavy rain. The vehicle in front of me stopped short and so I applied on the brakes but have you ever ridden a bike and only used your front brake? The rear lifts as the front deeps. Well when I hit my brakes on my X1 it dipped and pulled heavily toward the right, almost hitting the vehicle in the right lane.

At first I thought possible hydroplaning but after a few pumps on the brake they were braking solid. I continued to experiment at different speeds. After a few minutes of driving in the rain it repeated this deep and pulling hard to the right. After a few pumps on the brake they worked perfectly.

What I think is happening is the right and possibly the back brakes are accumulating water and the system that is supposed to wipe the discs are not operating properly.

I took it to the dealer and with no surprise they could not duplicate the issue. Well yea, unless you can take it on a test track with rain or water duplicating the environment your not going to duplicate the problem.

I have also found some complaints on the internet, drivers writing about similar problems in Europe since 2009.

Your thoughts and experiences, if any.
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