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thanks Usaret, that helped me know that it might not just be the check valve and it also helped locate the grommet, I just looked at it on my 335, and the place where its located and that might be a booger to get to, I am thinking if its the gromet that goes into the booster I might be able to pry the vacuum hose out and with a pair of needle nose pliers or the Hemostats I have, I can pull the gromet out, its getting the new one back in that will be the challenge. the grommet appears to be around 10 bucks, and the vacuum hose with the check valve is around 90, from southatlanta bmw parts on their web site, I wont try anything till I have the gromet in hand either. But I can push the peddle down with some effort and the car starts. so not sure its that big of a deal for me to worry about, I did start the car, turned it off and tried pushing on the grommet and I hear no hissing sound. Then I got back in the car about 10 minutes later and its easy to push the peddle down so I know there is a vacuum leak somewhere

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