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So, today marks 7 full weeks since the accident. I've been calling once a week for the past 3 weeks (I knew it would not be ready before then) and my car is still NOT ready. To top it off, the manager who was handling my case no longer works for the repair center, so who knows how much time was lost due to poor/no communication. The story I got today is that everything is repaired, but there are a bunch of warning lights on. It was taken to the mechanic yesterday to reset the computer, but the mechanic realized the battery will not hold a charge. So they have to order a replacement cable, which won't arrive until Monday, and then they can proceed with resetting the computer.

I am not a whiner and I realize I would not be having these problems at all had I not had the wreck in the first place, but this is really frustrating. I've been told multiple reasons for the not in stock at dealerships (because the car is so "new" according to the repair center), parts having to be delivered from Germany, BMW sending the wrong parts, etc. I asked today whether or not they should have noticed that the battery wasn't holding a charge sooner than now, but didn't get a good answer. At this point, I'm talking to a manager from another location of the collision center (there are 3 in my area), who is just filling in, and I just don't think he knows the history. To rub salt into the wound, I am having to pay out of pocket for my rental (and this was not noted in my file).

The new manager admits this has taken way too long. If/when I get the car back, should I even try to ask for any concessions? I'm going to owe a $500 deductible plus a rental car bill that is now over $1000. The good news is, the manager said the car looks and drives great (he says he drove it to the mechanic yesterday to have the computer reset, but I'm not sure how, if the battery wasn't holding a charge). But, based on my conversation with the manager today, it seems to me like they have made mistakes on their end that have at least contributed to the delays. Is 8 weeks repair time, along with all of these parts delays par for the course with one of these cars? I'm not going to get angry with the repair center, since that wont help things, but should I be asking for some sort of discount on the bill? Any input is welcome.

And, yes, I will be changing my insurance policy to include a rental car.

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