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Originally Posted by Carnook View Post
Car and Driver

"The 3.6’s sport-steering setting feels good, but it would be preferable to select these modes separately. In one winding stretch, for example, while we were running at a brisk—but not breakneck—speed, the transmission suddenly shifted down two gears because the “performance algorithm liftfoot” mode that’s activated when in sport mode suddenly thought we were between two corners on a racetrack and decided we needed to keep our revs up. It was startling and unwelcome; we’d like to be able to drive twisty roads with the suspension and steering in sport mode without worrying about this happening."

Motor Trend

"GM's six-speed auto has been tuned up for performance duty and offers upshifts so quick, most people would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between this torque converter auto and a dual-clutch unit. Downshifts, though still quite good, are where the torque converter loses time and a little composure. The six-speed manual, available only with the turbo four-cylinder engine, is a very nice box with short, crisp throws with a pleasant mechanical feel to them and an easy-to-modulate clutch."


"...the problem is the transmission gets in the way... in any of the automatic modes its a bore... it falls on its face, it misses shifts, it hunts too high too often. It pisses me off."
Thanks. Interesting that Motor Trend had good things to say about the 6MT with the 2.0T. Nearly every review I've read has bad comments about that transmission.
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