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Originally Posted by RVExotics View Post
Trying to finalize the configuration on my 2013 328i and am struggling with the decision of whether to opt for M Sport or not. Aesthetically, it's a no brainer. M sport hands down. But functionally?

Does anyone have M Sport and regret it? Does anyone not have it and wish they did? Do you find the ride too harsh? Tires too costly? Bolsters wear too quickly?

I'm only getting a 328i so I don't want to be seen as a poseur or anything, but I do really like the look of the M Sport and the rims it affords. I also like the sport seats and M Sport steering wheel.

It's a tough choice! Something else I'm factoring in is that I'm planning to (keyword being planning to) keep this car for at least 6-7 years.

I appreciate any input.
I thought all E92's came with the ZSP suspension. IN that case, I would think M-sport wouldn't degrade the ride much.

The bolsters on our last BMW did show signs of wear. Basically, the only part of the interior that showed wear. I've found that leather holds up superbly, except on bolsters. We had similar issues with an Acura sedan too - so it is not just a BMW issue.

If I were you, I would probably go for it. It sounds like you want the features it adds (wanting a car that looks great does not make you a poseur - that is part of what makes the ownership experience fun). Its so expensive and difficult to make mods later. Why not just get what you want now?

And, btw, I did not get any kind of sport package and never regretted it. But, I did get every last feature I wanted, and have been very happy with the car as a result.
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