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No heat at idle - thermostat? Fault codes etc.

Hello All,

Well if it ain't one is another. Just got the starter done, and the VCG. But lo and behold, here is a new set of problems:

Issue # 1: I now dont have heat at idle, the heat comes on strong at even minimal speed (upto 30mph). What could it be? I checked the coolant level in the reservoir, seemed quite full, topped it off to be sure. The fan in front of the radiator was not running i.e the fan that is between the radiator and the bumper not the one closer to the motor with various belts. Is this a problem, should it be spinning at idle too?

Btw, the torque app (see below) showed that the engine coolant temp was about 188 deg F at idle, and about 150 degs when cruising at 65mph. The engine temp needle on the dash stays square in the center for the most part but I noticed that sometimes of late it tends to come up only till about the 1/3rd mark on the dial.

Issue # 2: I just bought the ODB 2.0 code reader bluetooth thingie and the Torque app, and found the following codes: P0420 (cat system efficiency below threshold), P1423, P1421. It does not say what #s 1421 and 1423 stand for.

An indy mechanic who had charged me a fortune when I first bought the car had told me that the intake manifold boot was torn. Could this be causing above issue # 2?

Waah I keep getting these irritating expenses when I am trying to get that suspension refresh done. It will now just have to be postponed!
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