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The X1 is a good value for a BMW, but there are some minor annoyances that became apparent in the first 200 miles:

1. I am 5'8" and the driver's side mirror does not adjust close enough for me to see the side of the car.
2. The front door sills have these nice looking M-Sport protector plates. But rear door sills have nothing but bare painted metal ready to be scratched by the kids' shoes. Nothing available from BMW accessories neither.
3. The rear seat back has these wide sloping bolsters on either side that force the LATCH hooks to be too close together. As a result, our Recaro child seat does not fit. Our other child seat barely fits but cannot be tightened snugly.
4. The height adjuster on the non-powered seat requires you to hoist yourself up off the chair in order to raise it. Why don't they have a ratcheting adjuster like everyone else?
5. The storage bin in the center arm rest is pretty useless because it's got these contours inside for the cupholder (which is unnecessary because you already have the detachable cup holder there). The Iphone holder takes up even more space.
6. There is no way to lock up the car except with the remote. And there is only 1 button inside to cycle through locking and unlocking the car. Even our old $14000 2004 Scion had lock/unlock buttons on either front door and allowed anyone to lock up the car without the key.
7. No height adjustment for seatbelt anchor. No lights on the sun visor mirrors. You'd think these things are standard on every >$30k car.
8. You store your favorite radio stations carefully in the IDrive presets, only to find out that you have to set them all over again in order to use the 1,2,3... buttons on the radio itself.
9. There is no water temperature gauge. Lots of cars are missing that nowadays, but at least they give you a little blue light that tells you when the engine is cold. No such light in the X1 though.
10. ASS sounds good in theory. But then the fine print in the manual tells you that using ASS will shorten certain unnamed components' lives.

Now I don't want to be totally negative. There are good things I've enjoyed about the X1 too:
1. The power is great if you don't mind revving the engine above 3000rpm
2. The handling is phenomenal with the sport suspension
3. The sport seats are excellent and supportive
4. Parking sensors are very useful
5. The oil level checker is nice.
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