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Originally Posted by noka View Post
Mostly the engine but it's also about suspension, brakes, wheels, body design and... MOJO!!
In some communities, people who apply badges to create some illusion (of something the vehicle is clearly not), might be called "posers".
I see these points, but I also kinda think that about people who buy the driving shoes, driving gloves, pinky rings, boob jobs, primp up their collars, roll (peg) their jeans, ever listened to Chumbawumba, and even myself for buying a BMW -- when I'm driving my 997.2S, of course (because every Porsche owner knows, people buy BMW because they can't afford Porsche).

Truth is, as I get older, I don't think it matters or differs any from those that feel like "stance" is something that is important and needs to be attained, "murder" out their cars with ridiculous tint, or put $1000s into modding a car that still isn't faster, better handling, (or cheaper after modding) than a GTR -- if "performance" is what these folks are after.

Personally, I couldn't even name all the currently available models of BMW, nor the ones where they build an "M" series. Also, I think BMW encourages this behavior by having all the "M" stuff ("S-line" for Audi) available. So, if 2013BMWX3 wants to add the M badge -- more power to you, hope you enjoy your car to the fullest, and don't get bogged down by "haters".

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