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Originally Posted by Steve530 View Post
I've attached the list I posted above, supplemented with parts listed as gasket seals and sorted by application.
Wow. Very nice. This is a complete 'kit' for a supplier to create for us, since most of our o-rings are a decade old by now. We could then put the kit on our garage shelf, and, whenever we're taking apart something nearby, we'd have the handy o-ring to replace.

For example, when doing the CCV, we could do the CKP and CPS o-rings, in addition to the lower dipstick tube o-ring.

Originally Posted by Steve530 View Post
Looks like you got a new HID lamp, too.
You're observant! I sat down to open the box that came in the mail, and as I laid everything out to compare to the invoice, I snapped the photo, so I hadn't thought of mentioning the bulb.
I bought the bulb because my low beam indicated it was out. Funny thing - the moment I pulled the old bulb out, it lit right up in my hands.
So now I have an extra H7 bulb, just in case, to stock along with my o-rings.
Oh well, it will eventually get used (as long as I don't lose it, which I am wont to do).
Maybe we can open a separate thread, that references this thread for o-rings, that lists all the "stuff" that we can stock to put on the shelf - that our ten year old bimmers are gonna eventually need.

EDIT: I opened this thread for all "stuff" that we probably should stock in our garage:
- Complete list of E39 stuff (parts, tools, fluids) to stock for handy eventual use

Please read the suggested threads and add value, either by pictures or by descriptions, so the next person stands on your shoulders.
See also: E39 Bestlinks & How to easily find what you need

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