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The MAP data on the BMW's "can" suck but as with ALL navi's, it depends on the quality of hte info the database is built off of. What I find "unforgivable" is the CRAPY "logic" of whomever created the user interface. I had thought the one on my '06 750Li could not have gotten any worse... I was VERY wrong.

On most systems you can simply enter the NAME of the location you want to go to. Nah, nah on this one. Want to find the closest McDonald's? Jus tput in McDonald's, right? WRONG!

You have to first find restaurant & guess what... YEP, there are TWO different ways to search for restaurant and to make is WORSE, one allows you to enter a name...eventually while the other doesn't allow that option. ARGH!

It's like someone @ BMW gave a 1st year college student year a software program and told them "go for it"... Shesh! Acura's touch screen & voice control were SOOOO much BETTER! If I wanted to dial someone on that system, I simply said "dial John" and it would actually DIAL JOHN. In sharp contrast this systems REQUIRES you to FIRST be in the right window and then you have to say a specific archaic phrase that nobody would actually use in "normal conversation"...CHOOSE NAME... if you just "happen" to have the Navi screen up when you say this, you will undoubtedly get a response like "no site location..." Even once you DO get to the phone book and then say choose name, you HAVE to say it backwards as in "Doe, John" rather than the logical "John Doe" or simply saying John and the computer being smart enough to say something like "I have 26 John's in my directory, last name please.."

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