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Originally Posted by powerharp View Post
You are getting a middle finger perhaps not because of the car but because how you drive the car. Don't drive it like a half blind 90 year old. Who wants to get behind a slow car merging into fast traffic on the highway? Tired of having horns honked at you? a: merge into traffic at the speed of traffic and not slower while meekly accelerating with your brake lights and b: don't be the slowest car in the left lane. Stick to a slow nondescript four banger, brown in color, and people will understand you and your driving habits. SO YOU KNOW EXACTLY HOW I DRIVE....WHILE YOU'RE AT IT GO AHEAD AND TELL THE BOARD WHAT HAND I WRITE WITH AND WHAT CITY MY FATHER WAS BORN IN.

Saying that SUVs get blown around in the wind is greatly disrespectful of BMW X3 and X5 models, these navigate the road and weather better than any Japanese or American car, even in the highest winds. WOW AGAIN...DID SOMEONE CHANGE THE LAWS OF PHYSICS? THE GREATER THE SURFACE AREA OF A SAIL, THE MORE ENERGY IS TRANSFERRED. YOUR COMMENT IS LUDICROUS.

As far as your polarized sunglasses problem - Get Used To It. Every high quality display is polarized. The polarization you complain about exists with smartphones, iPads, LCD monitors and TVs. Modern flat panel displays in aircraft cockpits are polarized and that is why aviation sunglasses are not. Some cars, like Land Rovers for instance, have polarized windshields. In part the polarization is used to manage reflections and glare and to help create a crisper display. THE FAA WARNS AGAINST USE OF POLARIZED LENSES FOR THE REASONS YOU SITE HOWEVER, WHAT ABOUT THE DOT AND NTSB.....? REGARDLESS, DISPLAYS IN MOTOR VEHICLES THAT ARE UNREADABLE WITH POLARIZED LENSES ARE UNSAFE AND THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE.

Practically every car owner has some connection with the brand of their car. The Ford vs Chevy is case and point. BMW owners are no less attached. After all it is just a car, like every other mass produced auto. Somewhere deep inside though you know a car is not just a car; otherwise you'd still be driving your AMC Gremlin. IF IT WERE "JUST A CAR" THE "CONNECTION" WOULD NOT BE RELEVANT.

Well Harp, it's clear enough that you are left handed. But in what city your father was born? How would anyone know that?

Your post seems inconsistent; an emotion based construct. The surface area of a sail for instance. Wouldn't many factors come to bear, aside from square inchage?

Surface area, indeed. Good Lord. We are alarmed by your rambling evolution of foundational logic and propensity of capitalization.

Please explain yourself if you can.
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