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I have pulled the EEPROMS and managed to successfully read the code from them.

To my surprise I've had the EEPROM code on my laptop all along! The E65 data folder containing all the software for flashing modules in WinKFP has the amplifier software hidden away!

I have managed to extract the binaries from the files and successfully match them up with the HEX data pulled from the EEPROMS. I have used a program to compare the data to see if the data in the EEPROMS are damaged. Converting some of the HEX lines of code reveals the same software version and build date, however there are a few very minor differences....

You can see on line two that the first byte is 55 in the EEPROM, but it should be FF as shown from the disassembled winKFP file. Also address 105 has 16 bytes different, oddly the EEPROM just has 07 in every location, the other EEPROM is the same in that respect.

The rest of the file is identical, there are 208 pages comparing a total of 128 thousand bytes, would be time consuming doing that manually!

Anyway there is one exception, the winKFP file only has data at the beginning and very end of the EEPROM, there is a huge empty block in the middle, however most of this is occupied on the EEPROM, the reason for this appears to be a holding space for updating software, when you try and update the amp software using winKFP it will load the data to the free space an once all the data has been transferred correctly and the checksums match the amp will reboot and copy that data to the start of the EEPROM, this is the application code. The code at the end off the EEPROM I think is the boot loader. Anyway now I've sussed out the EEPROM software I'm going to flash some new EEPROMS and hope for the best!

I'm after a favour though, the newer amps don't have the epoxy covered processors, but have proper packages, does anyone have a picture of the newer amplifier PCB's or know the part number written on the processors?


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