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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
When I'm playing music from my iPhone 5 via USB connection, I'm unable to force other audio (i.e. internet radio apps) from my phone to play through the car stereo. I can launch for example the Live365 app, and it will start streaming for about 1 second, then the normal iPod music on my phone overrides and starts to play.

This was not the behavior when I used the Media cradle + iPhone 4 on my 2012 M3 with Nav.

Does anyone know of a workaround that will let me keep my phone connected via USB?
When your iPhone is plugged into USB, iDrive assumes you don't want to stream. There is no workaround for this. When you are plugged in via USB, you cannot stream over Bluetooth. Certain apps, like Pandora, allow you to listen to music via the USB connection and not via Bluetooth wireless. Check your individual apps for settings that allow you to toggle between the two.

In general, docking your iPhone to USB is inconvenient in a BMW. The workaround that many of us use is to buy a beater iPod touch and keep that in the armrest all the time. This way, your iPhone can connect over Bluetooth for phone, text, and streaming while your iPod has your MP3's ready to go. An iPod touch can sync to iTunes over Wi-Fi, so you don't even need to bring the iPod into the house to get new content on it or update playlists.


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