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Experienced junction box/rear washer fluid pump failure on my brand new X3 that I took delivery on just before Christmas. Failed at 920 miles. Brought it to the BMW center and was told required parts on back order with no projected delivery date. They removed a fuse to stop loud whining sound and prevent the pump from completely burning out (I sure the load isn't too heathy for the battery either as the pump continues to run after shutting off the vehicle). Problem is removing that fuse also prevents the front windshield wash function and the ability to lock the car, making the driving the vehicle possible but not practical or safe especially in winter driving conditions where the front windshield needs frequent cleaning. I was totally disappointed with the response from customer service when I called BMW North America. Certainly well below what I would have expected with the brand image of BMW and what I assumed was a world class customer service company. All I was looking for was assurance that I would be provided transportation alternatives while my brand new vehicle was waiting indefinitely for replacement parts for a manufacturing defect (whether design or more likely a parts supply problem). Fortunately the center where I bought my vehicle (by the way, different and distant from my local BMW service center) gets the concept of true customer service and is taking care. Based on what I can see, the defect appears to me to be systemic and not isolated incidents. For the record this is my fifth BMW vehicle.
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