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New BMW owner - this stuff normal?

I am in the second month of owning a CPO 2010 328i sedan. 42K miles. This is my first BMW after many years of Honda and Toyota ownership. I realize it's a very different type of car, so I am still learning! I love the car, it looks and drives great - fast, sure handling. All systems on the car report OK -- But there are little things I wonder about -
1. The car has been back to the dealer once and will be going back again because the rubber moulding that runs along the bottom of the rear window - seals between the rear window and trunk lid - is separating from the window, leaving a large gap. Dealer attempted to repair, separation is now worse -- common complaint?
2. When decelerating to a stop, the car sometimes abruptly and very noticeably downshifts hard into a lower gear (2nd??). I also feel when pulling away from a stop, there is hesitation and a hard shift (a late downshift into first gear??) when i push the accelerator. I tried faster starts, slower starts - it seems the car pulls away smoother if i make a fast start - is this normal?? I see posts about hard 1 - 2 and 2 - 1 shifting, but it appears to affect earlier model 7 series... all that said, i was given a brand new 2013 3281 as a service loaner and it seemed to shift in a pattern similar to mine when put in "Sport" mode ... so is mine shifting as it should?? All other shifts are very smooth and appropriate, so i want to think the transmission is mechanically sound, might have a programming issue?? The hesitation off the line has me a little concerned...
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