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Originally Posted by powerharp View Post are the major ones:
31,000 miles the automatic door locking system failed...the night I purchased it...on my anniversary....failed when the valet brought the car after dropping $400 on a lovely dinner
31,000 miles....somehow, some way, BMW's expert CPO crew MISSED the grinding left rear wheel bearing..warranty.
31,050 miles on..I noticed that while wearing polarized sunglasses one cannot read the radio display...Somehow nobody at BMW knows about this though it's all over the web...more Blackberry Storm2 that supposedly worked with the on board hands free system didn't work properly...(It works fine with my Samsung Galaxy).....
50,000 miles or so...the tube for the windshield washer leaks....two weeks earlier and it would have been covered by the first part of my CPO warranty, but now it's almost $400...ha ha...hey, none of my cars ever had that fail, not even either of my Peugeots...
54,000 miles...electric water pump failed...covered by warranty with $50 deductible....
58,000...the left outside mirror adjustment range no longer allows proper adjustment...another $50 warranty's been going on for a while...
I could, perhaps, understand the grumbling here. That is until I saw the mentioning of dropping $400 on food in one sitting for, presumably, 2 people.

$500 over nearly 3 years of driving vs. $400 in three hours?

People can spend their money how they want. But the values placed on money here seem a bit skewed.

Plus the Hollywood Hills have got to be about one of the worst places to drive a Bimmer. The roads are terrible. Think NYC with steep grades and turns. Prime territory for a Lexus or Benz.

...roughly 8k miles here. No issues save a right side rearview mirror that does not aim for the ground when shifted in reverse. Figure that'll get fixed under warranty when the car goes in next time.
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