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Battery Draw and Fail mode

Lately I have started the car and the Tracking control, brake and ABS light come on and the car goes into FAIL mode. I charge the battery and the car is back to normal. I had the battery tested and it is in good condition but had a low charge. I unlocked the diagnostics computer on the dash and am able to read the alternator is putting out 13.8 amps while running ( I also tested with a meter at the battery) . I opened the trunk and disconnected the ground cable and hooked up an amp meter and there is a 11 to 12 amp draw on the system when the car is shut off and all the doors are closed. I even tried hooking a jumper cable to the neg battery post and one to the ground cable and closing the truck and testing the draw by connecting the meter to the other end of the ground cable. I tried pulling all of the fuses and relays one at a time but nothing will make that number drop. I am open to any suggestions on what to do next. For now I am simply disconnecting the battery when the car is not in use.
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