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Originally Posted by Reuvers View Post
I don't think your age has much to do with it.
But why are we going into depth in this if you don't have the cash to buy one, let alone do the necessary repairs each and every e39 needs at given intervals (not cheap to run these, as pretty much all here will agree with)

Are you just short of the cash, or are you yet to start saving for this?
I like to think about these things, and it would be a savings goal. By the end of this year, my disposable income is going to substantially increase (i.e. double or so, moving from part time to full time), so buying a car like this would become realistic.

Originally Posted by DennisCooper! View Post
Lets look at this realistically - the BMW autoboxes are much better than the basic type auto gearbox in the Holden. These are performance orientated executive cars and have more complex and better performing and feeling auto gearboxes. They aren't as responsive as say a full on Sports or fast executive car like say a similar period AMG or Audi auto, but not all that far off.

In short, they're an excellent gearbox for what they are, kickdown responsiveness is fine and the steptronic gives you that added dimension of tipping the gears up/down. If you look through all the BMW forums, there's hardly any posts complaining about the gearbox responsiveness.

Keep in mind the maintenence on these cars can be high and when things do go wrong you will need X% more funds to put it right again.

Cheers, Dennis!
Thank you! That's all I was asking for! That's really good to hear, sounds like it's good enough. Interesting to hear that Audi and AMG one upped them with the autoboxes.

Yeah this would definitely be a car that I need to have some good spare cash in bank to keep it good. I'd want to be getting everything fixed the moment a problem arises, or even before it arises. With my '94 320i, unfortunately I haven't had the cash to do this, so it's aged noticeably over the past year.

Originally Posted by rdemellovidal View Post
Who really needs a car that jumps gears in seconds unless you are in a race? Cant compare a piece o s. 1.8 with a bmw 530 in the long run. Lets be serious...
This other car that I drove took 2 seconds to change gears after flooring it. In my mind, that's unsafe! I would hate to be in a situation where I would be better off with more power, and have an autobox like that.

Originally Posted by rdemellovidal View Post
And the real difference comes with age. A 10 year old bmw will be far away on quality and endurance than a regular american or japanese auto. The last ones will look good on the beginning but will age badly after a couple of years. All plastic!
It's completely true - my '94 320i is (well was) in nicer condition than most early 2000 cars. I'm glad BMW doesn't do cheap plastic.
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