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Question *Transmission Malfunction* Warning Light (((HELP)))

I moved my car one day from my driveway to my neighbors driveway. The car started and drove fine. The car was fine! Well when I went back to move the car back to my driveway, it acted like it want to start, but quickly turned off. I tried to restart the car and all the Instrument lit up. Anyway, it was the starter. After putting the car in neutral and pushing it back into my driveway, I disconnected the negative battery cable. Installed the starter and changed out the hoses that ran to the Oil Separator. This process took about 3 weeks. Battery still disconnected. It took this long because I had to find the best deal on my parts and order them. Well, after putting everything back together, I started the car. It hesitated for about 3-5 seconds then started. it ran sluggish but Idle off fine. I thought I was good to go and ready to ride. NOPE! I press the gas pedal and it had a serious lag and the "TRANSMISSION MALFUNCTION" Wheel came up and the message on the screen says some about the gear can be engaged without press the brake. WTH! The car Idles fine and drives fine, but the transmission is in the safe mode. It won't switch gears. I do remember while putting the manifold back in, I released some of the pressure from the fuel line. Took the car to AutoZone and Advanced Auto (Cleared the codes there, I did, Not them) to see what code could be pulled. These are the codes P1727,P0335, P0700. They were erased and came right back. I also had my battery checked to see If that was the issue, but it checked out fine (12.6 volts, 96% charged). Rechecked all my connections and it is all good. Please Help! WHAT CAN I DO NEXT? I don't wanna take it anywhere until I have tried everything possible first.

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