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Originally Posted by pelorus View Post
In terms of driving impressions, mind you I'm really shocked to say this, but even with cost being no object, the 535Xi was more fun to drive. The 550Xi had tremendous thrust, but the 535Xi had MUCH heavier steering at all speeds - and this sport exhaust warbling behind your head was the icing on the cake. The 550Xi engine sounded like a mute compared to the 535Xi, and the steering felt feather light. Both cars were in Sport+ mode per the button on the center console, and both had the auto trans in Sport mode as well.

Does anyone know why a 535Xi M-Package and a 550Xi M-Package would feel so different in terms of steering? NONE of these cars had Adaptive Drive or Dynamic Damper control.
That's odd. It could have something to do with the all-wheel drive cars, but I had the opposite impression when I compared the 535 to the 550. Don't get me wrong, the 535 is a really nice car, but I was utterly blown away by the 550...ordered one and picked it up in Europe, where it ate up roads all over Austria and Germany. Dang thing kept a ****-eating grin on my face even when I was stuck in the break-in period.

The only other thing I could think of is if the options besides the M-sport on the cars had an impact.

But, I'd encourage you to wait to order until you can drive the car you want.

Just my 2 can't go wrong with either car IMHO.
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