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2013 135is vs 335is

I currently have a 2008 135i with the M sports package(or whatever it was called in 2008).

I like my 135i for the most part but with it had some additional features such as comfort entry, navigation and ipod integration.

Been doing a little looking and it doesn't seem there is that much difference in lease price between the 135is and the 335is due to the differences in residual value.

I went to the dealership today to see what they had and ended up driving a 335is and a 135i because they didn't have the 135is on the lot.

I am still pretty torn after driving both cars because there were pros and cons to both. Also, since I did not actually drive the 135is I am merely speculating what it would be like.

Here are my thoughts after the test drives.

The 135i seemed a lot more nimble and responsive. However, my biggest concern here is that is just not that different than the car I have now. I mean there are clearly some improvements but very, very similar. Not sure how different the 135is is but I am not expect a huge difference.

The 335is was nice. Much smoother than the 135i and more comfortable but not quite as much fun to drive. Also, I know it is a small thing but the cup-holder bothers me because I usually have a small bottle of water with me and I am fairly certain it will fall out of the cup-holder.

At the end of the day, both were nice cars but I am torn on which I prefer.

So I thought I would reach out to the experts here and get opinions on which you prefer and why.
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