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Intermittant Bog-down / miss - New fuel pump already tried.

Hey guys...

it's been a while, but i'm back with another issue....

Car's been bogging down heaps bad lately, but only intermittently and once it's warmed up. Hitting the throttle (either in gear, or free spinning, from idle - 2k rpm it seems to be choking, and then >2k rpm it's fine). If I drop it quite low in rpm, it seems to misfire, fart and carry on unhappily.

Fuel consumption is a bit worse than normal, but the really weird part is that when the car is mis-behaving, I can simply turn the key off, then back on and it runs perfectly for 5 mins or so. That's a good temporary fix, but not really a solution.

When it's playing up, it will quite often stall (instead of idling), and make me look like a dick at the lights / in a carpark.

I've read through the bogging down thread, and yesterday threw in a new fuel filter and fuel pump. Whilst that has made the car feel awesome, the problem still remains (and is still able to be masked by turning it off then back on.)

so... any hints? I'm not sure what to try next... help ultra appreciated
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