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@ kkratochvil- hey, thanks for the reply. You did try to help and that's more important than anything....I appreciate the effort. I'm using an older iPod but didn't do anything different other than turning it on. My salesman is the one that told me an iPod could be used to directly download it to the X....of course, he had never performed it himself. My generous service department offered to look at it....naturally at a cost.....lololol!

I do want to export the music to a thumb drive in case everything gets wiped at some point.

@ Mars hotel - I hope I've outlined each step for you....I was going to try to download again so I could document each step but, no, I think I better leave well enough alone. The service and strategy paper I mentioned earlier says what it will do.

It's probably pretty obvious I'm not real computer literate so this stuff is confusing to me...especially, downloading iTunes to a USB stick.

I think I actually was properly set up to download my music several times but didn't give it enough time to "read" my iPod.....give it a minute or two once you select IMPORT and see what happens....good luck and I'm sure you'll be successful.

The iDRIVE IPod control isn't very well managed so it's best to simply playback from a play list otherwise it's (to me) difficult to go from album/artist to album/artist....almost easier to just let your companion select it (shudder.....entirely different music tastes! She likes soft rock, I don't!).

Anyway, Savoy Brown, Grateful Dead, Stones, Blue Cheer, and etc, etc, and etc are ALL along for the ride now....onboard and ready to go!
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