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Originally Posted by 55 View Post
Little finger story (OP, I am not implying on your driving style ):
A few years ago my daughter didn't drive yet, and she took trip to Montreal with some driving friends. When she came back, she said : "drivers were so rude on our way, always showed us a finger when they passed us".
I asked her to describe how did he drive. It happened that her buddy always kept on the left lane.
I had to do some defense of those rude Quebec drivers.

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Originally Posted by CALWATERBOY View Post
Nobody can deny: French Canadians are a lively bunch
I've driven in over 20 countries. I've faced Fiat Fascists in rush hour Rome, reckless Russian piaki in Poland, 5 foot wide, winding lanes in Dartmoor and lawless trunk roads in West Bengal. Nothing, and I mean nothing, has scared me so much as Quebecois in Chevy pickups doing well over the Summer speed limit on snow packed roads in January. It appears that the entire population of Quebec has no knowledge of the laws of physics as they pertain to grip/velocity ratios. As I putt along at what I consider a very reasonable 45 I'll suddenly find a salt white Silverado, pulling a trailer loaded with 4 Bombardier sleds, blowing past and giving me a look that can only be interpreted as "damned foreigners!" The only thing I can say in my favor is that they'll give the same look to visitors from Toronto. Year round.

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