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Originally Posted by boltjaM3s View Post
A BMW is a status symbol with some sporty tendencies. Period.

It hasn't been a "sports car" since the 1990's. BMW decided that there was more money to be made cultivating the wealth-persona than the performance-persona, so every 3 Series has gotten progressively bigger and softer until you get to the F30 with its "Luxury" line and "Comfort" mode.

The yuppie phenomenon has not stopped since the 1980's. In fact, it's grown. Watch some movies, see some TV shows, listen to some rap and rock songs, BMW references are everywhere. As it should be. The car tells you what it's customers want. They spend millions on research. The car is softer and more luxurious because that's precisely what 90% of its owners want. The 10% who subscribe to the performance myth don't pay the bills.

Those who are embarrassed by the perception of wealth shouldn't be driving $50,000 German luxury status-symbols even if they can be de-spec'd to $30,000.

BMW sedans were never sports cars. They were sport sedans which are cars that combine daily driver practicality with sporty driving dynamics. All performance cars are "softer" than they used to be and if they are not they should be because with the technology that is available today it is not necessary to have a bone jarring suspension to have a good handling car. Modern performance cars (i.e. BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, Maserati, Ferrari, etc.) all have luxury features such as navigation systems, power windows and seats, climate control and bluetooth).

The days of the bare bones roadster with plastic side curtains, a top that had to be erected, and could be driven to the track, raced and driven back home ended a long time ago.


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