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Originally Posted by woodswatchco View Post
Thanks for posting the great photos. Those full sized cameras are a bit tougher to carry but wow! What quality. I can't wait to check out your estoril, 335i when it comes in. The grills are stock. The car only has 200 miles on it. The break in period will be torture waiting to unleash all the car has to offer. I'm still amazed at this turbo 4 cylinder. I always thought my old Audi A4 was a great car that was in dire need of more power. BMW F30 was the answer to my dreams! Maybe not a piece of paper, but on the road, the new 328i is more comparable to an S4 for $13k less. I plan on getting the BMS tuner when the car is fully broken in. Then maybe I can keep up with the 335i guys! Unless they get one too.
Woodsy, it was my pleasure to take a few shots of your beautiful car, but the camera is no full size 35mm camera. It's a micro 4/5 camera, smaller than 35mm ones. Because it has no internal mirror it's a smaller camera. It's much easier to carry around, but still offers the ability to change lenses when the need arises. The quality of the photos would be even better though if I was using a good 35mm. Btw, your car looks so good, my cell phone could take good photos of it!

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