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Festers, I am going through my bi-annual 'want a bike' phase again, but serious about it this year. I am at a loss as to what to even look at, and market 'choice' has left me somewhat paralyzed. My current bike is a 2005 Trek Madone 5.2SL that is, other than the saddle, completely stock. Since this one has been reliable, I figured that I would get another one, as Project One allows you to really create most anything you want from the get go (of course using Bontrager equipment.) Is there anyone here who transitioned from Trek to a different brand and was impressed in one way or another? Or are they all pretty much the same these days?

I ride with guys and girls who ride Fuji, Willier, Cannondale, Litespeed, Felt, Specialized, Orbea, Pinarello, Cervelo (lots,) and of course, Trek. Of course, everyone loves their bike, so I feel like I'm not getting unbiased information. On the flipside, a web perusal results in a bunch of horror stories.

I am not a small guy, 6'3" and run about 220lbs, Once in form, I can push low to mid 20's for speed (pretty flat here) and have averaged about 3,000 miles/year in the last 4. I don't have any back issues, but can't fold myself in half either. I'd probably prefer something similar to a Trek Performance (H2 in their parlance) fit.

Exclusive of wheels, my budget is probably going to max at ~$6,500. I'm not going to throw carbon rims on it immediately, but have thought about it. Lots of fancy round things in our group too.

Looking for suggestions, and don't forget, if you've switched FROM a Trek, I'd like to hear your story, pros and cons.


I understand that in the end, actual, longer test rides are in order. I am just casting a wide net to see what comes back.

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