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DING!!! We have a winner. Come on down Johny!!!! ^^^^^^ I love the german cars. the driving experieince, the safety, the RWD... just love it. But they can give you headaches to the point where you just say F'k it I give up. Tired of bleeding money for these cars. Buying a Fusion/Camry/Accord/Altima or getting a bumped up Fusion MKZ like I had for 13 months. My MKZ was like maintaining a lawnmower. I got the Motorcraft Syn Blend oil @ walmart for like $13/5qtys. Motorcraft filter for like $3.50. Changed it every 7,500-10,000. Air filters were $8. Drove it to 80,000 miles and only did oil changes and tire rotations and 1 set of spark plugs @ 60k. I didn't spend jack on that car. And it was nicer than average camry. 45k miles in 13 months for work... yes I drive. Loved the Lincoln MKZ. If I had the 2009+ I probably would of kept it and sold the 335i. Not to mention my lincoln had Bluetooth, sat radio, memory seats, garage door opener...everythign. and.... TWO F'N CUP HOLDERS!!!! and a 6spd Auto that was built in Japan and rocked. And 263HP. And burned 87 gas. Sometimes you just have to vent and give cred where it's due. I don't know why I keep abusing myself with the BMW's... Lincoln or Lexus is the way to go unless you like to turn wrenches on Sat morning instead of sleeping in or golfing.

In all seriousness, a Lexus GS is RWD, silky smooth and prices comparable to the 5 series and has much lower maintenance and lower 5yr ownership cost. I love the GS exterior, but the inside just screams old rich lady from Sarasota FL. But for most, it's a better option $$. I think the Lincoln MKZ's (2009+) have a better interior. I had a 2008 Blk on Blk Mobster looking one, belive it was the last year of that generation. The one after mine had thicker glass, quieter interior, complete re-design which I really like. Just stinks it's FWD. But they do full suspension kits being it's a Fusion cousin. So you could put new lower springs, sway bars, exhaust, SCT Tuner flash Etc on it... or even a super charger. Pretty sick cars IMO. And they're good size. Big, but not boats. If I commit BMW suicide I'm buying a newer MKZ. Then I'll have to find something else to do on my evenings and weekends other than cruise forums and work in the garage. FYI, I never even found a MKZ forum... I would so take a 2009+ Silver/Blk MKZ, full suspension drop, super charger and ehxuast. That would be one sick car. What sux is the new 2013's only have a 4cyl Turbo 240HP with D.I. Boooo... Throw the 3.7 V6 fro the MKX into it.
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