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My '08 with pano roof developed a nasty glass on metal rattle during cold weather and certain rough road areas. very noisy. had it adjusted under warranty. has been fine for 2-3 years now and has never happened again. My biggest problem was with jerky throttle control and shifting of the auto transmission since new. finally paid for a software upgrade (about $200) last summer at 50k miles. Best thing ever! the torque curve dropped into the 2500-3000 rpm range and now the car drives smooothly. Love this car for its fabulous laser accurate steering, smooth 6 cylinder engine, love the torque on hills with no shifting required, good a/c, good heater, nice seats, quiet running, great handling, great in snow and ice, good visibility. The nav, the radio, the cupholders, and the cruise are a little quirky but i have gotten familiar with them. Michelins last a long time and wear very evenly. most expensive repair? a new radiator at about 55k for $800. Didn't see that one coming!
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