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85 535i ECU/wire harness

first; this is my first post. second; i did try searching first . Here's the rub.....
bought 85 535i for first projet car (am learning as i go). it turns over, but no fire.
i have check all that i am aware of (fuses, relays, distributer, coil, position/speed sensors, etc.. now......
i have found voltage to the coil, but, no pulse from the coil (i would appreciate advice on where to go next). and i checked two pins on the ecu (18 & 35). as i understand, these should have power to them all the time. 18 does, 35 has power when the key is off and on accessory. when key is all the way to on....there is no power on pin 35. is this normal?
if yes, where to now,
if no, do i jumper main relay or trace wire for pin 35.......or something else. i am running out of searchable ideas.
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