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Looks like it all comes down to what you were calibrated to before, eg: when I first got my F10 (and even now), coming out of my E-Class, I almost thought there was something wrong with the car since the steering was so much heavier and required so much more effort than the practically sloppily light steering (overboosted) in the E-Class. I gotta say, the E's steering made day to day driving very simple (you know what demographic M-B is going for with that car after you experience both cars' steering) so I think it's a greatly appropriate steering for that car, but in comparison my 535i's steering is very noticeably weighted to the point where I'd assume someone like my Girlfriend would prefer to the drive the E, as the steering feel would be "friendlier" to her. Just some perspective.

As for me, I re-remember why I love a heavier/sportier steering feel again.
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