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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
What can ya offer for $750 that improves upon the F30 HK? My wallet is ready

The F30 HK is about as good as EPS in my M3. Bass isn't as tight, and it still suffers from too much treble at 2k/5k/10k. Take each of those down about 3 clicks and you have something that doesn't make your ears bleed.
Your impression is quite accurate: the F30 HK is about as close as you can get to the Individual Audio in the M3 spec-wise... even the woofers are the same 7ohms instead of the HK 4ohms in the past. Power is slightly less (600 vs 825W), so that explains why the bass is not as tight -but even the IA was not known for tight bass anyways.

The HK could be upgraded for about $1100 in parts and coding (it has to be coded back to HiFi, otherwise there is an extra $700 expense just to replace the OEM amp), because those 7ohms underseat woofers must be replaced.
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