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Originally Posted by boltjaM3s View Post
328i Configuration. It's a fantastic engine, makes a ton of HP, makes gobs of torque, is lighter than previous generations, handles like a dream, and gets great gas mileage. The 335i is overkill. Great car, not necessary anymore. The 328i closed the gap too tightly for the 335i to matter anymore.

Rear Wheel Drive. Own the car the way it was meant to be owned. XDrive is not a way to avoid snow tires. Very few geographic areas require both XDrive and snow tires anyway, so its a waste of time and money.

A "Line". The base model is missing too many features and too much styling. You need a Sport line or a Luxury line. Start there.

Technology Package. The LCD screen is the centerpiece of the cockpit and the smaller panel shoved in the larger piece of plastic looks atrocious. The F30 is a technological marvel, one shouldn't skimp on iPhone integration, album art, split screen, streaming audio, and of course the heads-up display.

Snow Tires. Not a BMW option, but if you live where the majority of 3 Series are sold you need good rubber for the winter time. No matter how you build your car, reserve $1200 for this critical safety feature. If it boils down to snow tires vs. XDrive, you choose the snow tires. Every time.

Lighting Package. A BMW isn't a BMW without xenon's. Not only is it a signature styling cue, but it is a quantum leap in illumination which enhances performance and safety.

Premium Package. Lots of goodies in an affordably priced bundle. Comfort access, all the toys, leather.

Rear Camera w/Park Distance Control. Very helpful, very safe, and BMW's execution is top-notch. If you have kids or live in a city environment it's a can't-miss feature.

Heated Seats. You don't need the winter package, just the seats.

Those are the "must haves". There are no "must considers" because at $50,000 you can afford any option you want and shouldn't drop a feature or two because you want to save a few dollars. Build it the way you want it, spend the money, done.

I agree with most of this. Comments:
  • I got mine without a line designation. I scoured the differences between line and no line and could not see significant enough differences to warrant the extra two to four grand. If the difference were $1,000 I might have been talked into it. I understand that thinking is not the norm here.
  • Rear wheel drive is useless in high snow areas, this winter notwithstanding. xDrive is a must have in the Great Lakes region.
  • Rear camera is overkill as far as I am concerned. PDC is enough--there's nothing a camera can add to the informational cues you need that you don't get with PDC.
  • Whatever your thinking on any of the options, you should definitely spend the money and get exactly what you want. If you're willing to drop $50K on a car, then spending $52K or $53K is not going to affect your standard of living even a little.
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