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I picked up the car this morning and all is good. To keep it short the dealer did a complete diagnostic and found it to feel like a slight misfire on the initial test drive. They replaced the spark plugs (I saw the the plugs were replaced exactly a year ago (10,000 miles ago) on the car fax, but it says on the repair ticket (CBS data states spark plug replacement was due)) and took it out again and they said the issue was still there. It felt "heavy" on acceleration. They then removed the intake and found large carbon deposits on the back of the intake valves and in the intake port area. they cleaned all 6 cylinders (didn't say by what method) and also replaced a section of vacuum hose for the waste gate control valves. They did a complete vehicle diagnostic and and everything checked out fine. The HPFP was already replaced 15,000 miles ago and that was fine. They stated the fuel injectors were also showing no trouble codes. They also topped the oil of with 1.5 qts since it was a little low. I'm very pleased with the way I was treated by this dealership and I love this car! I would love to see what the bill would have been if I had to pay for everything! Thanks for everyone's help with diagnosing the issue in the beginning.
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