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Originally Posted by MoldCAD View Post
Thank you, @bmguy, for this first-hand experience write-up!

I agree completely with your points on the ASS - when active, it takes sort of a skill to watch the traffic lights and the car in front of you, and either slow down earlier and coast (with your foot on the brake pedal) so that just before you'd need to come to a halt, the lights would change - or, should the situation look like it's going to be a longer wait, get close to the preceding car in a smooth, one go and only then depress the pedal completely (I hope you know what I mean - sorry for my English).

As to the 528ix' performance - I also agree that it's quite good. When pressed hard, the car accelerates almost as easily as my old good E46 330i, even though the 5-er is almost 400 kgs heavier.

One thing I don't like so much though is how low the rpm can drop with the AT; with my driving style it's often necessary to manually shift a couple of gears up when the moment comes for quick overtaking and alike. I can almost feel the engine laboring at too low rpm if I don't do that, and before the AT reacts - shouldn't be that way in a car of this class. Of course, one can always stick to SPORT mode which will not allow such low rpm, but - apart from those moments - it might be unnecessary, and certainly does increase the consumption.

One thing in your post made me interested - are you saying it makes sense to drive aggressively and in ECO Pro mode? Could you elaborate, please?


Sorry the "drive aggressively" for Eco mode maybe doesn't translate the same... It's a common English term that can mean several things, but in this case I meant to "try very hard" to drive like Eco mode likes you to... Hope that clears it up a little... Your English is very good so need to apologize...

It does seem like the transmission tuning is very much in favour of fuel savings so holding gears and early shifting up a gear is normal for this car.

I drive a 550 with the sport transmission, and in sport mode the shifts are tuned very nice for zipping in and out of traffic, however it disables the 8 th gear which I wish it would not as I still do hiway driving and would like it if the 8 th gear would kick in after a sustained travel in 7

Great cars, it my second BMW, I had an m6 convertible before this, fantastic car, but not like my 550 ... I sold it expecting to buy an i8 when it was available but I think it may be more money that I want, or even can spend on a car... Wish I had kept the m6 in the mean time... That cars v10 would drink gas like some of my closest friends drink a vodka! (If you know what I mean )

Enjoy the car....

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